Missing Persons

Find Missing Persons in Riverside CADo you want to find a loved one? A missing son/daughter, mother/father, or just someone special to you? ? Whether it is looking for a special someone or finding a missing relative, we have the investigators, resources, and dedication to find them.

Who Needs Missing Person Investigation Services?

The Covert Consulting Group is here to help locate your missing child or missing person. We have experience working hundreds of child abduction and missing persons cases to ensure their safe return. We assist in the following situations:

  • Autism and wandering
  • Child sex trafficking
  • Family abduction
  • Infant abductions
  • Long-term missing persons
  • Missing from care
  • Online enticement
  • Runaways
  • Sextortion
  • Sexual abuse imagery
  • Nonfamily abductions & attempts

If you are in need of a professional private investigation, our licensed California private investigators are ready to take your case. Call our office at (323) 301-1513 or submit your request via email to get the process started.

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