Bug Sweeps (TSCM)

Bug Sweeps (TSCM) Riverside CAWhether you are high profile celebrity, powerful business executive, or simply going through a divorce, do you believe someone could be listening to your private conversations within your home or business? Or even watching your every move? Tracking your movement by GPS? The Covert Consulting Group has the answer to resolve your suspicions and place your mind at ease.

The Covert Consulting Group has the technology needed to locate and remove hidden cameras and covert listening devises within your home, business, or vehicle. Our investigators utilize the newest technology available including spectrum analyzers, thermal imaging viewers, infrared viewers, and drones.

If you are in need of a professional bug sweep (TSCM), our licensed California private investigators are ready to take your case. Call our office at (323) 301-1513 or submit your inquiry via email to get the process started.

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